Youth Music Program

At Peak Music, we have a fun yet challenging youth singing program for kids who are serious about improving their voice. Just like with our adult vocalists, we prepare our younger singers for recording and performance.  Jeff, our lead Berklee-trained Master Certified voice coach works with each youth vocalist to prepare them to professionally record a song that they can proudly share with others.

Our young vocalists find recording and performing in front of small, supportive groups fun and exciting. Hearing themselves after working hard to improve on a professionally produced track boosts their confidence and provides them with a tangible product of their hard work. No other voice studio in our area routinely offer their youth students this fantastic opportunity.

Check out the quality for yourself by listening to the samples below.

If you’d like more information Peak Music’s youth voice program and how professional recording can be a part of your child’s singing journey, click the button and complete a web form. Crystal will give you a call to answer any questions and if you are interested, to schedule a free voice consultation for your young singer at our studio (valued at $150).

Julia W.

Julia is 8 years old and chose the song  Hallelujah for her singing project. A member of the studio  for over a year, in this short time frame her professionalism in and out of the studio shines through! Not only did she do a fantastic job on her own song, she also rounded out some of the harmonies on the studio’s holiday track, Carol of the Bells.  A dedicated singer who always does her homework, the sky is the limit for Julia.

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Original artist: Alexandra Burke

Allie F.

Allie is 10 years old, and joined our studio this past summer. She likes to sing songs by the K-pop band, BTS, in the studio but chose the Star Spangled Banner as her recording project.  When asked why she chose it, she said it is an important song to the world. Singing the national anthem well is a tall order given the range and strength needed, but Allie pulled it off beautifully by dedicating herself to daily workouts!

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Original Artist: Whitney Houston

Estella M.

Estella is 10 year-old vocalist with a lot of  energy, and she chose the upbeat tune of Dear Future Husband as her singing project. Estella has come a long way during her short time at  our studio. She loves her voice class – she gets to socialize with  others that have similar interests, and it gives her an opportunity to  sing loud and proud in a supportive and fun atmosphere.

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Original Artist: Meghan Trainor

Derick D.

Derick is Peak Music’s resident Elvis Tribute Artist (ETA) and has been with the studio from its beginning. A seasoned performer who has won national awards for his ETA work, Derick chose Early Morning Rain by Elvis as his recording project. No stranger  to professional recording, Derick is always ready with the lyrics memorized and songs well rehearsed so he get the best recording  possible!

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Original Artist: Elvis Presley

Maanasa V.

Maanasa is 12 years old and chose a Million Dreams from the Greatest Showman as her singing project. She loves to  sing songs that include both lower and higher notes so she can sing in all registers. Singing in front of the other vocalists in her class is one of her favorite parts of her lessons! Maanasa is dedicated to her vocal studies, and her efforts shine through in her performances.

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Original Artist: Greatest Showman Cast

Olivia G.

Olivia is 11 years old, and likes singing songs that have lots of emotion in them, so she chose Drivers License as her  singing project. You can hear both sadness and anger in Olivia’s vocals as she brings the emotion of this song to life. One  of her favorite things about coming to Peak Music for her singing class  is that she has a place where she is encouraged to sing LOUDLY. She loves to sing, and her work to become the best vocalist she can be is paying off.

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Orginal Artist: Olivia Rodrigo

Riley M.

Riley M. is 12 years old and chose Dear Future  Husband by Meghan Trainor to record for her project. This song has a lot  of energy and is fast-paced – just like Riley! Her pitch matching has  improved so much since she has been coming to the studio for voice  lessons. When Jeff asks for volunteers to sing in the studio, Riley’s hand always goes up first!

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Original Artist: Meagan Trainor

Carol of the Bells: A Peak Music Arrangement for the 2021 Holidays

Jeff wrote, recorded, and mastered this special Peak Music version of Carol of the Bells. All of the vocals and guitar work were done by Peak Music students in our studio. Enjoy!

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